Two Days Medicated (Old Post)

Since I wrote Little Pills, I am now taking medication.

I spent a lot of time researching antidepressants because forewarned is forearmed. Instead of forums and personal blogs, I only used medical sites for my research. I wanted empirical data, statistics and the whole gamut of medical terms that I cannot pronounce (but can Google).

I steered clear of the personal reviews because I know that road well: it’s usually not a positive one.

When I typed ‘Citalopram made me…’ the autofill results were frightening. But if good news travels fast then bad news goes at warp-speed.

It’s day two and only now have allowed myself to look at the forums but with caution.

Personally, I have decided to keep a journal so I can flag anything serious to my doctor if necessary (I hope I don’t have any severe side-effects). I wasn’t asked to do this, but think it will help me stay reasonable on the days when I hate myself for being ‘weak’ and ‘medicated’.


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