The ‘Rewired’ Personality Test (Old Post)

Over the last month I’ve taken the Rewired Personality Test several times.

In fact I’ve taken it about 6 times. Why? Because, I find this concept of personality types in fitness very interesting.

In order not to cheat I did each test at different times. Without thinking I answered each question on instinct. I also didn’t mean to take the test so many times but I realised I wanted to see what would happen if I took the test during:

  1. different moods
  2. before and after the gym
  3. before and after meals
  4. at different times of day

The results were interesting. Basically, My responses show be to be the FEELER. Every time I took the test my results were as follows:

  • 55-65% FEELER
  • 25-35% THINKER
  • 5-10% PROVIDER

The percentages varied depending but every time it was in that order of variance. I’m not surprised.

It’s one test and it’s not the be all and end all of my decision making process but it did help watching all of the videos and reading the guides. As a FEELER my mood dictates a lot of my actions. ‘Comfort’ eating is big part of my life. My THINKER side is the deeply analytical perfectionist. Plans are important but it also comes with impatience.

The other two are less important to me but I still read everything.



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