Can I tell you story? (Old Post)

Dear Reader,

This post has been republished from my old tumblr blog…

Once upon a time, there was a girl who liked to lift heavy iron. She lifted all the weights and laughed in the face of cardio machines! Her physique was tight and she was strong!

Not ‘strong for a girl’, just strong!

Then one day, she realised that despite being athletic for most of her life and being a qualified personal trainer, she was overweight. In fact according to her Body Mass Index she was obese!

Distraught, she learned to hide behind clever accessorising and Spanx. But one day when her brand new pair of size 16 jeans felt too tight for comfort! She realised she’d have to buy a pair of size 18 jeans (UK).

“Enough is enough!” she cried, brandishing her smartphone to the sky and declaring war on the flab!

Using social media has her platform, the girl decided it was about time she got honest about fat-gain and feeling like a stranger in her own body.

Fed up with the bullsh*t #fitspo accounts and the empty promises of the diet industry that prey on self-loathing, body dysmorphia and unrealistic ideals, the girl decided that if she could help, even just one other woman not to feel like crap, by being 100% totally and brutally honest about what is like to gain and lose weight, then she’d be doing something worthy.

Why? Because it’s worth it.

Her Mad Fit Diary was born and the girl became a warrior for health and fitness.

This is her journey…



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